Machame Route

Machame Route

Machame Route 6 days or 7 days on Climbing Kilimanjaro mountain.

The Machame route is our favoured route and the one that we recommend as a good all-rounder in terms of length of the trek, success rate and price. It is a particularly scenic route. It is a pretty busy route, but that’s because it is such a good route!

You ascend from the western side of Kilimanjaro and descend down the south face. You pass through tropical montane rainforest through heath and moorland and on to the Alpine desert zone. Beyond this is the summit with its permanent glaciers and frequent snow.If the weather is clear there are excellent views across to Mt. Meru and of the western face and the southern icefields of Kilimanjaro as you climb.

This route can be done in 4 days up and 2 days down or you can add a day to the ascent, stopping overnight at the Karanga Valley, to greatly improve your chances of success and ease the pace a little.

As you come around the west and southern sides of the mountain you climb ascend ridges and drop down into valleys. It’s a bit frustrating going down into the valleys as you know you have lost the altitude you just worked so hard to gain – but this is the very action that gives your body the best acclimatisation and therefore the success on this route is excellent.

You start at Machame Gate and summit via Stella point, descending via the Mweka Route to finish at Mweka Gate. Mweka is only used as a down route so you are not passing climbers on their way up.

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