Lemosho Route

Lemosho Route

Lemosho Route 7 days, 8 days or 9 days climbing on the mountain with 6 different options.

The Lemosho Route benefits from stunning views and scenery with long itineraries that start a lower altitude than other routes. Relatively easy initial stages through the forest.

The Lemosho Route is the broad name given to all the treks that start at the Lemosho trailhead and generally have the first night at Forest Camp (also known as Mti Mkubwa Camp). This camp is at 2860 metres so, although high, is not as punishing as the Shira Route.

The variations on this route all allow for pretty good acclimatisation but of course the longer ones are better in this respect. The routes all cross the Shira Plateau which is particularly scenic. You can do a 7 or 8 day version via Stella Point. These join the Machame Route after the Shira Plateau and have the option of an overnight at Karanga Valley on the 8 day version or pushing through from Barranco to Barafu in one day on the 7 day version (as does the Machame Route). These summit via Stella Point and descend via Mweka.

Then there are options to do the Western Breach after crossing the Shira Plateau. For this route you just join the Machame route briefly and then head up past the Arrow Glacier through the Western Breach. This brings you into the top of the crater which is a pretty amazing thing to do. It can be done as an 8 day trip or for a longer 9 day option you camp at Arrow Glacier then do the breach and have an overnight IN the crater, summiting to Uhuru Peak a day later. However, for both options the Western Breach is a potentially hazardous route – see notes and itinerary in our Western Breach route section.

Another alternative is to go from Lemosho, across the Shira Plateau and then go around the north of the mountain on what is known as the Northern Circuit. This takes you to the east to summit via Gillman’s Point. This would be an 8 day climb and is less extreme than the equivalent northern circuit starting on the Shira Route. This is a truely off the beaten track itinerary and worth considering so long as you appreciate you need to be very fit for this one. Have a look at the itinerary on our Northern Circuit Route page.

And finally for all these Lemosho options there is a really brilliant 9 day route that takes you across Shira, along the Machame Route and then a daytime ascent to the crater rim at Stella point and down the other side into the crater. You camp the night in the crater and the next morning just have a one hour hike to the summit at Uhuru Peak before descending the Mweka Route. This is an ultimate Kilimanjaro trip with all the highlights of the Lemosho Glades, the Shira Plateau, a daytime ascent and a night in the crater, without the dangerous ascent through the Western Breach.

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